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Feel free to contact us for a sealing solution to meet your demand, or fill in the below questionnaire to quicken the proccess.


DEPAC is a leading manufacturer of technically advanced mechanical seals.  DEPAC’s high-tech products only enhance their competitive position in the industry.

A long list of patent registrations show the outstanding technological capabilities of DEPAC’s organization.

Most modern CNC production facility and strict quality control procedures as well as extensive product testing, guarantee the highest performance standards of every DEPAC mechanical seal.

These standards guarantee the highest degree of reliability and provide an exceptional maintenance record for DEPAC customers

DEPAC not only offers the most advanced and efficient seals, but also certain technically questionable products due to market demand. Designs of DEPAC developments, such as the stationary mechanical seal, introduced by DEPAC in the early 1980's, have even been adopted by the internationally respected American Petroleum Institute (API) specifications.

DEPAC's wide range of mechanical seals will convince you, especially if all life cycle costs are calculated, to use them exclusively on a long term basis.





Depac also supplier a range of technical products such as cleaeners, degreasers, lubricants and more.


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