Bread and confectionary industries


Total Bakery Concepts


The Kaak Group is today’s answer to complex sales markets for bread and other baked products.

Highly qualified experts in six subsidiaries and eight divisions together focus on developing and providing optimal technical and technological variations and nuances for each product, be it mixed bread, toast, baguette, brioche or country-style breads.


Within the Kaak Group, we combine the in-depth knowledge of our engineers and technologists in a flexible system which delivers tailor-made solutions without intergration problems.


The result: authentic products made on tailor-made automated production lines which comply with the market’s requirements and are convincing in terms of economy and ecology.

Kneading and mixing

The portfolio of this company includes Spiral Mixers, Wendel Mixers and L-Shaped Mixers, In-line Transport Systems, Carrousel System and Dough Resting Systems as well as Elevator Tippers, Planetary Mixers and Stirring and Beating Machines.


Depositing solutions

Unifiller is a leading supplier providing portioning depositors to bakeries and food manufacturers worldwide. We design and manufacture:


  • Food fill machines/processing equipment

  • Pumping equipment

  • Pastry machines/fillers

  • Cookie machines/equipment


The perfect pump for sour dough



Low-shear design & low maintenance pumps that ensure superior solids handling to reduce wastage, minimise damage and produce a higher quality end product.


Sealing solutions

Ever since DEPAC was founded in 1983, customer needs and user efficiency have been at the top of the priority list for product developments.

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