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The Kaak Group is today’s answer to complex sales markets for bread and other baked products. Highly qualified experts in seven subsidiaries focus jointly on developing and providing optimal technical and technological variations and nuances for each baked product.

Based on more than 100 years of experience, the Kaak Group offers bakery companies all over the world the equipment they require for the production of many types of bakery products. Every member of the Kaak Group supplies the highest quality products and support, each highly specialised in their own field. As a group, we are able to offer you a large variety in line concepts, from a relatively simple mono production line to complex multifunctional production lines. Based on our knowledge and experience, we effectively combine the best components available to create the optimum integrated solution for you.

Our experienced Kaak Group baking technologists are closely involved during the installation and commissioning process, for optimal fine-tuning. Focused on our mutual interest: smooth production of top-quality baked products!







The group Consists of the following members:


KAAK            -Terborg, Holland      

BAKEWARE    - Terborg, Holland      

MULTIPARTS  - Terborg, Holland

BENIER - 'S-Hertogenbosch, Holland

DRIEM  'S-Hertogenbosch, Holland

DAUB           - Hamburg, Germany

MCS             - Ala, Italy 

LHOTELLIER  - Contres, France

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