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TapTone technology was originally introduced by Benthos (now Teledyne Benthos), a company founded in 1962 to provide custom-designed oceanographic products to researchers.

In 1971, the company leveraged its expertise in acoustic technology – widely used in underwater applications – to create a new line of non-oceanographic products for inspecting consumer packages made of metal, glass or plastic.

Since then, Teledyne TapTone has developed and patented a range of inspection equipment for the food, beverage, chemical, health and beauty, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical markets. 


TapTone's original acoustic sensor has become the gold standard in glass beer bottle inspection and its line of compression and force systems are used world-wide for leak inspection on flexible plastic containers and pressurized metal and plastic containers.


TapTone's latest range of vision inspection equipment is a direct result of their partnership with sister company, Teledyne Dalsa, an international leader in high performance digital imaging and semiconductors.


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