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Salads, dressings and vegetables proccessing industries


filling and packaging lines

ROBOT FOOD TECHNOLOGIES is one of the leading manufacturers of automated filling and packaging solutions for the food industry.

The machine programme comprises of both flexible linear lines and compact rotary machines.

RFTG is a Lieder in filling and packaging of convenience, dairy and different salads, complete food assembly lines, final packaging lines and cleaning systems.

mills, homogenizers, dearators and more. 


Within our comprehensive range of machines and installations, you'll find the best solution for your individual requirements in the food sector, irrespective of whether it's a questions of coarse grinding fruit and vegetables or emulsifying sauces and dressings. Our promise doesn't change. We'll always come up to your high expectations with regards to efficiency, quality and productivity. 

positive displacment pumps




Low-shear design & low maintenance pumps that ensure superior solids handling to reduce wastage, minimise damage and produce a higher quality end product.


Safe liquid sampling

With more then 150,000 valves installed world wide, we are the worlds No' 1 leader in sterile and aseptic sampling.


Depositing solutions

Unifiller is a leading supplier providing portioning depositors to bakeries and food manufacturers worldwide. We design and manufacture:


  • Food fill machines/processing equipment

  • Pumping equipment

  • Pastry machines/fillers

  • Cookie machines/equipment

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