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The popular Comil with it’s deceptive simplicity has many imitators but none have the quality of workmanship, the warranty, the breadth of options, the expertise, or the number of installations testifying to the Quadro Comil’s many beneficial aspects. 



With the success of the Comil, particularly of the Underdriven models, Quadro developed the FlexSift in 2005. The FlexSift allows for unmatched performance and integration within the security screening and delumping industry.



Quadro also developed a system for applications that required the production of a very small particle, within a small Particle Size Distribution range. This ‘system’ was developed on one platform, called the Fine Grind F10.



Complimenting the above technologies, are the Quadro Vac and Quadro Lift. Like the other Quadro products, they can be used in all industries with their cGMP design and construction, and are often used in systems that require milling, blending, security screening and powder transport.

How it all began


Quadro invented the original conical mill in 1976. Though simple in principle, the Comil was a revolutionary concept that has since evolved into a processing standard adopted by market leaders around the world. Today, the Comil's proprietary, advanced size reduction technology has been refined through thousands of applications to deliver reliable scalability, repeatability and environmentally-friendly performance. The result is superior product quality and maximum throughput for quick return-on-investment.


Over the past 30 years, the Comil's industry leadership has been reaffirmed with every new product generation introduced. Our latest in-line designs incorporate a host of innovations that offer greater application versatility along with easier cleaning and maintenance.

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