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Here at I Holland we have been making punches and dies for over 75 years making us the longest established tablet compression tool manufacturer in the world. What sets us apart from other tablet tooling manufacturers is our unique approach to the design, development, and delivery of your individual project. We will work with you at all stages from the initial concept of new tablets to troubleshooting of existing products. Every single punch and die we manufacture is bespoke. We don’t supply tools from stock.

Our ultimate objective is to increase your productivity and improve the overall efficiency of your plant. We achieve this by;


1. Our expert design team helping you create a tablet that satisfies your brand values but minimises production issues.

2.Ensuring correct tablet specifications such as hardness, weight and thickness are achieved and maintained.

3. Minimising your downtime by eliminating typical production problems – sticking, capping and lamination amongst others.

4. Reducing your cost per tablet with longer tool life and professional tool maintenance.

5. Sharing our knowledge and expertise through extensive training and technical support.

All of this, when combined with our speed of response, delivers an unmatched customer service experience within our industry.

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