Eillert food processing machinery


Eillert offers more than 80 years of experience in the production of machines, and a wide range of completely developed techniques for the salad, vegetable and fruit processing.

The machines are built according to the HACCP regulations and meet the high bacteriological requirements


Eillert has gained the trust of the small, middle and large industrial companies. Along with approved machines Eillert also can offer customers an extended package with advice and planning regarding the starting up of salad, vegetable and fruit processing.


The skilled Eillert personell are gladly at your disposal with all your offer requests and service enquiries.



Since the establishment, Eillert has been very successful in serving the vegetable processing industry.

Many of the customers started as greengrocers and developed into leading food processors, supplying to food-retail, fast food, catering, professional kitchens and specialised restaurants.


In 1964, Eillert B.V. developed the first belt slicing machine to automate the slicing process.

More and more companies started specialising in industrial vegetable processing, resulting in the development of preparation tables, washing machines, centrifuges, peeling machines for rooted products and ultimately, complete production lines.

In the 1980s the rise of fast food gave a new impulse to the sector and the demand for convenience food is still increasing.


To meet changing market demands and customers´ wishes, new machines and process technologies are regularly developed in-house and brought onto the market.



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