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Tradition, Experience and Innovation Worldwide


The DIOSNA range of machines are the product of proven reliability and know-how gained from the handling of many products in a wide variety of applications. DIOSNA production and laboratory machines symbolize innovative pharmaceutical production equipment of the consistently highest quality.


DIOSNA responds to the many applications and demands of pharmaceutical processing with a technically mature and diverse product portfolio. This leads to the Single pot granulators (single pot processors), coaters, granulators and fluid bed processors being produced to the highest quality standards. All production scale equipment is designed for WIP or CIP cleaning.


DIOSNA provides laboratory  scale machines in our in-house Centre for technical Research andDevelopment.  This gives customers the opportunity  to test and optimize their processes  and to also evaluate their other technologies such as pellet coating.  As a result, customers are given the ability  to assess the machines and the products  on the spot. Based on the test results, scale-up to the required production size can be achieved.


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