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Tradition, Experience and Innovation Worldwide


DIOSNA is the market leader within the range of kneading machines. The portfolio of this company includes Spiral Mixers, Wendel Mixers and L-Shaped Mixers, In-line Transport Systems, Carrousel System and Dough Resting Systems as well as Elevator Tippers, Planetary Mixers and Stirring and Beating Machines.


Due to their flexible field of application the kneading machines made by DIOSNA fit in every bakery. This is enabled through the individual development of DIOSNA products which consequently apply to the local conditions and demands. That is the reason why bakery machines made by DIOSNA can be integrated into the production process of any bakery, fitting exactly.


In addition, DIOSNA achieves an ideal dough result because of the optimal mixing conduct. It is a solution for all kinds of doughs. The amount of dough or hourly output are neither implied nor important for an ideal result. These bakery machines obtain perfect kneading results even in challenging kinds of doughs like wheat or brown bread.


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